Multi-dimensional Resolution


Years ago my daughter and I were deciding where to meet for breakfast. After offering several choices, she said, “Mom, people don’t like to have so many choices. It confuses them. They like to choose between A or B. That’s enough.” At the time, I thought, “Oh how strange. Why not have lots of choices?”

Looking back on it I realize I’ve always been a multidimensional being, experiencing multiple choices rather than living within the limited constructs of duality’s either/or. I’ve never perceived life choices as right or wrong. I’ve always branched out to consider…. if this isn’t working for me, how about trying something different? From my perspective, there are always more choices.

Somewhere along the line, I realized she’s right. Too many choices often confuse people. The human mind will instantaneously engage each choice in a separate gerbil wheel without the ability to connect them or settle upon one in particular, thus creating a three ring circus within themselves without resolution. Humans are accustomed to living concrete lives with one right answer, one right belief or one right approach. Everything else is considered wrong. But I have to ask, “Right for who?” What’s right for you may not be right for me. That’s when my mind jumps to choice C, perhaps a compromise or something completely out of the box.

Although I have been living multidimensionally to a large degree, I have also been living linearly. I usually consider the multiple choices and put them in a linear sequence. Although that has been working well for me most of my life, something has changed. We are no longer living in the energies of a 3d linear duality. Planet earth has moved into a new space in the universe where the foundational energies have expanded into a quantum field of reality. Linear time/space is no longer being supported in the way it had been.

What’s Different?
Instead of stacking things in a linear sequence, I realize I am the center of my energy field with infinite potentials floating around me. Once I make a choice, all the resonating potentials and supportive energies gravitate toward that particular choice like a magnet. Voila! All is in divine order and I simply need to be present in the here and now to step into it.

Unless . . .
the mind short-circuits it by attempting to make sense of it all. The human mind, with probability as the operative, has never been programed to function efficiently in a quantum field of infinite possibilities rather than a predetermined probability.

When I first became conscious of living in the quantum field, my mind was so confused I lost my ability to make any choices. I was no longer logged into the rational mind, nor was I proficient at “allowing” and “trusting” the gravity of my own innate knowing. Therefore I muddled both processes which left me in no man’s land. During this period of time I have never felt so lost in the drift of life and yet life continued to carry me forward of its own accord.

Finally . . .
by practicing a newly minted perception, I’m able to catch myself and withdraw whenever something’s not working. That brief pause is enough to break my mind free of the old programing, giving it ample space for my innate gravity to draw what it needs to me. Sometimes a pause with a deep breath is enough. Other times I need to divert my attention to something that feeds my soul, like a little sky gazing or a walk in nature, before I return to the original project having given it ample space to reorganize itself. There’s a reason we call this being “spacey”, because our mind goes blank, making space for more of who we are to be present. When I sit gazing into nature, it often feels like there’s another being inside me enjoying the sensuality of living on this planet. This is my multidimensional creator being, present with me in the here and now.

Our whole world is a changin’. . .
The frequency of our planet has expanded to include new bandwidths. We are becoming multi-dimensional humans, no longer living as solo instruments. We’re being introduced to a whole orchestra of percussion, woodwinds, strings, and horns. We are becoming the conductors of infinite choices. At times we may feel unprepared for this shift in consciousness,confused by so many choices or feeling like victims without any choices at all. And yet, at the very core of each of us, there is an innate harmony that brings it all to resolution if we allow it to find it’s own way rather than force our human mental agendas upon it. There is new music in the omniverse and we are the expressions of it.

This, my friends, is what we’ve always called magic or miracles. When in reality, this is the organic way of life throughout the omniverse. We’ve just gotten a little side tracked along our limited path of humanness. As we realign with the core of our divinity, infinite new creative potentials continually appear. The more our consciousness expands the more multi-dimensional resolution, magic and miracles will abound!!!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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What’s Beyond Duality ?


Duality has marched right out of our lives in a linear fashion. Like a band marching down the street never to be seen again with strains of music fading into the distance. There are no endings. No more beginnings. It’s like someone has thrown the deck of cards into the air and we’re wondering where they will all land.

It can be disconcerting at times. For our mind really likes linear time. It likes to know what has passed and what’s next in line. It wants to understand how one thing relates to another. But quantum energy, i.e. non-linear energy, doesn’t work that way.

Quantum energy has a different operating system and the mind has no control over it. When faced with the quantum field, the mind just rolls its eyes up into the head and checks out in overwhelm. So… what to do? How do we navigate these swirling energies?

Granted I’m still very new to this, but I thought by sharing my current observations it might stir something that you might also find helpful. Mind you, it is our observations that feed this new mechanism and change is what it eats for breakfast.

These past few months have been an extraordinary time of purging to make room for something new. We didn’t know what the new was, we just realized the old clothes didn’t fit anymore. So we’ve been moving things out as fast as our mental and emotional bodies would allow. And once we’re finally naked, we feel like we we’ve been transported into never-never land, floating in the abyss (where clothing is no longer needed).

The thing is… this is what we’ve come here to do and we’ve been prepared. So the best thing we can do is sit back and allow the show to begin. The first thing I’ve realized is there are no beginnings and endings. The show has always been running, we’ve just not been aware of it. So when I say we’ve been prepared, I mean…we’ve been prepared. While we’ve been in our dreamtime, free of the mental interference, we’ve downloaded a new foundational operating system with new viewing options. But much like a new Windows program, it’s of no use unless we figure out how to use it. And that’s where we’re at right now.

The main difference I’m experiencing is this:
The old program was laden with rules and in order to interact with the program, you had to understand the rules. So the question was: “What is this program capable of and how can I use it”?
The new program has a totally different operating system without the the former stringency. The new question is: “This is what I want to do, now show me how to do it!” With the new program, for every desire there are multiple ways to experience it.

What great news!!! But… can you see your mind’s eyes rolling up into your head in overwhelm again?

That’s okay because when the mind checks out, it gives the new operating system free reign. This new operating system is running with the infinite intelligence of Source. It flows in perfect harmony with our Consciousness. When we’re present, we see all the infinite choices available to us. However, when we’re unconscious all these choices begin banging into each other creating what appears to be chaos.

This is when we need to take a deep breathe, sit back and allow everything to effortlessly come to us without our mind attempting to put it all in logical order.

We’ve reached the point where many are still looking for the old operating system. But it’s gone. The energy is no longer supporting it. We’re living in the quantum field now. All the old systems, religious, governmental, financial, etc. are in flux right now. And they are not even substantial. They are all simply systems, which are easily replaced. Even CEO’s of major corporations are no longer recruiting executives who are adept at keeping things in line. They are recruiting creative people, people who are surfing the spirals.

In linear time once things pass by, they’re gone. But in a spiral, everything that’s yours comes back around, called forth by your vibrational resonance with it. And on the next round, it picks up additional components with a more expanded and delightful expression. If we simply trust enough, and not allow our minds to fiddle with it, we’ll get another chance to play with our yet to be manifested ideas… or allow them to pass by if we’ve lost interest and moved onto something new.

By living in present time without looking for the next thing in line you will realize you’ve stepped out of duality and into the quantum.

What does that mean? It means we’re interacting with life in totally new ways. Instead of living to survive in a world of limitation, we’re creating anew from our passionate desires with infinite potentials.

So what’s beyond duality? A life free of bounds. With each turning of the spiral, evolution is taking place with increased enlightenment.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

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