What’s Beyond our Anxiety?


With so many storms buffeting the planet, our personal lives and even our inner sanctuary, I have noticed several times recently that I am feeling quite fine, then a wave of anxiety flares with no particular rationale.

In the past I have typically felt into this energy attempting to discern what it is that has knocked me off my center onto my keister. That just sends my mind into the gerbil wheel looking for ways to fix a problem that leads to another problem that leads to yet another problem. Round and round we go…never really losing that extra weight on my keister.

If something has come up for clearing, instead of opting for the gerbil wheel I’ve learned to surrender it to my Soul allowing it to distill the wisdom as I’ve mentioned in a prior post “Distilling our Human Experiences into Soul Wisdom”. 

Quite often I merely shift my attention to something more pleasant. Generally that works just fine. In which case it was only a momentary distraction. And if there is a real problem, no doubt it will circle back around with an even better solution because I’m in a more receptive mode.

Most recently I’ve learned to pause, take a deep breath, and go BEYOND the feeling, or as some might say, through it. I don’t attempt to embrace, interpret, or change the feeling. I simply go beyond it. What I often find is empty space. In which case this anxiety was never mine and I’m free to ignore it.

What I have been sensing lately when I go BEYOND the feeling is a totally new energy that I’ve not experienced before. With all these solar flares and our planet having moved into the photon belt it’s no surprise that we’re experiencing new energies. The anxiety I feel in these instances is my human self reacting to the unknown with no frame of reference on how to proceed. So it gets caught in a spin of fear and anxiety. But when I go beyond these feelings they simply dissolve.

In reality, these new energies are expanding our consciousness. There is nothing to fear because these energies are streaming in as a gift directly from Source through the portal of our sun. Meanwhile, the photon belt is rich with photons of crystalline light that are activating our dormant DNA. So what feels alien to my human self is actually me awakening to more of Who I Am.

Therefore, what I experience when I go BEYOND the aforementioned feeling of anxiety is a sense of excitement and childlike wonderment in a new energetic playground of expanded consciousness. No more gerbil cages for me! Not-uh!!!  Not when I have a whole new multidimensional playground all aglow to explore and experience!!!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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