The Joy of Death

Art by Jan Burgess

While rooting around looking for something in one of my desk drawers, I came across a folder of accumulated notes. I don’t remember what I was looking for. It was the result of the looking that struck my fancy.

I opened the folder and began shuffling through the bits and pieces of paper. Some were paper clipped together, others were stuck in there haphazardly, without any specific order. The more I read, the more I realized they were notes from my past life.

I say past life because nothing I read pertained to life as I am now living. Most were spiritual notes, affirmations or bits of journaling. There were a few sketchy business plans. And the notes from a teleconference I had taken. This folder held the notes of where I’ve come from, my past life while still living in this physical body.

A huge grin spread across my face with the realization that I am no longer living a life that needs lists, notes, affirmations and business plans. That was my past life. In my current life I am living in the moment. I Am the creator of this life rather than the victim of it. In this life I am no longer a spiritual seeker, for I am aligned with Source. In this life I trust my Inner Guidance without the need to search for opinions from others. In this life I am a Sovereign being making heart choices free of any perceived obligations. In this life I realize energy is in service to me, I am no longer attempting to control it or direct it, I can simply choose it.

I didn’t need to read every piece of paper, for I knew there was nothing of value in this folder anymore. Instead I created a small fire pit with some kindling out in my garden. One by one I fed the bits and pieces from that lifetime into the fire. Once the last spark was gone I covered it with dirt and returned it to the earth. From earth you are born, to earth you return.

I then went back inside and opened my clothes closet. There hung the costumes of a persona that no longer exists. These were all bagged up and carried out to the charity shop. A bathroom drawer with makeup that hasn’t been touched in years all cleared out, thrown into the trash. Last of all I returned to my desk and filled the trash can with old files that belonged to she who has passed on. She who knows who She is without the need for diplomas, certificates, records and validation.

Death can be a sweet thing when we realize it doesn’t really exist. We do not die, we simply transform, evolve and continue to expand our consciousness. How many past lives have I already lived in this one? Too many to count. The difference is that I was never conscious of dying to the old and transforming into the new. This time I Am fully conscious of putting a past life to rest with ease and grace. The best part about this was that none of this was on my “to do” list. I did not angst over clearing out my closet or my desk drawers. When it was time I simply stepped out of one life into another and released the old manifestations thereof. There was no struggle. There was no mourning. It was an act of Joy!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”
gratitude to the artist Jan Burgess

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Don’t Allow your ego to Derail You


We are living in extraordinary times!! Never in the history of humanity have we moved through so many different “thought forms” so quickly. Some might call them beliefs, but I can’t quite give them that much credence.

Many of them have been foundational. For example, we once believed the earth was flat and we’d sail right off the other end of it. We also believed that the sun revolved around the earth. We now know differently because they have been scientifically disproven. So overtime, mankind has been able to dispel those thought forms and replace them with new ones.

But what if we had gotten stuck in those beliefs, like we have on a spiritual level with so many other “thought forms” that haven’t been proven, nor dis-proven  scientifically?

The New Age has really expanded our perceptions of what is real and what is not. But it’s still perception. We each live by our own truth. And I can not give that a capital “T” because a capital “Truth” is all inclusive and we are still living in separation.

I am not implying that we need to become exactly the same, but nor can we declare that our truth is the only truth. I say that individually and with broad religious strokes as well. I’m not writing this to debunk religion or your beliefs. I’m writing this to guide you into your heart’s truth and stop allowing someone else to lay down the tracks for your life.

That’s what belief systems do, they lay down tracks and expect you to ride their rails. But jumping the track isn’t always easy. It means venturing out on a path of your own making. And it can be lonely at times. That is if you believe that you ARE alone. That in itself is a belief that encapsulates you.

What if you aren’t alone? What if there are others awaiting you further down the path just around the curve where you can’t yet see? What if they’ve already laid out a Sumptuous Feast to welcome you and celebrate your freedom?

You see, that’s how it works here on planet earth. In order to walk into the New, you’ve got to jump the tracks and break away from the crowd whom you’ve depended upon to meet your every need. You’ve got to become a Sovereign being who is able to generate your own energy and create your own path. And then, as you round the bend, strong in who you know yourself to be, you walk into a whole New family of Sovereign beings of Love awaiting you with a sumptuous feast of welcome.

That moment on the train when you’re deciding whether to jump the rails or not is one of the most difficult decisions you’ll make. You might even make the jump and then change your mind waiting by the track for the next train to come along so you can jump aboard. And that’s okay too, ride the train until you’re totally prepared and ready.

You see, once you make the jump, you’ve left duality behind. There is no right or wrong. There is no hurry because there is no time. And if you don’t feel prepared, there will always be another train chugging along and you can jump aboard and ride further down the rails for a bit. There is no judgment here.

I faced this decision just last night. The day before, I had leaped off the rails and was standing in no man’s land, feeling really great about my decision. And then I read someone’s post on facebook that totally debunked my decision. This post was by someone I respect, so I had to give the post some amount of credence. Mind you, this was their post, not a comment on one of mine, so they had no idea they had effected me in such a way. But it was just enough to make me question my decision.

I did what I always do when I’m caught in indecision. I went into my heart and asked for Divine Wisdom. Then I went to bed. My dreams were restless all night long. But the message in my early morning dream was so clear. I had no doubt. My ego placed that post on facebook so I would question my decision. My ego was trying to derail me from my new, somewhat fragile, decision.

But you know what. I turned my back on those old rails. It’s amazing how one piece of information can unravel all the “stories” you’ve considered to be your truth. Beware of that which you call truth. The only real Truth, with a capital “T”, is Love. When your path is paved with Love, you debunk the illusory stories to create anew.

I turned my back on the rails and walked down the path as a Sovereign being, around the corner and….. I think you already know what I found there. I ran into the arms of my family of Sovereign beings of Love awaiting me with hugs and a sumptuous feast of welcome.

So my message to you is this: Don’t allow your ego to derail the Sovereign Being you know yourself to be. Make a conscious choice to walk your own path. Your Family of Love awaits you.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

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Note: If you don’t understand what a Sovereign being is, you may want to read my prior post “A Sovereign Being is Self Generating”.

A Sovereign being is Self-generating


What is a Sovereign being?
A Sovereign being is a Christed being, whole, complete and Self-generating.

This is the form in which we first arrived to the planet. But I don’t need to repeat the old stories. Yes, there are many old stories all with the same plot. Man fell from grace into separation. But I find that difficult to believe, because Grace is still ever-present in our lives. We have simply been taught, yes taught, to separate ourselves from it.

Oh we can divert into the stories of victimhood here. Who did what to whom. And repeat the same old, same old. Or….we can rise above it all and reaffirm the Grace that permeates everything. The Grace that opens our eyes to more of who we think we are.

Humanity is in the process of awakening to the totality of who we are as Christed beings. In the past, we’ve done that by leaving our bodies behind here on the planet and transitioning into more expanded realms.

But things have changed here on planet earth. The vibration of Love has enveloped us and lifted humanity to a higher more expanded frequency. One in which we have the opportunity to become Christed beings in physical bodies walking upon this planet as Heaven on Earth. Some call this the New Earth.

There are a group of us who are well aware of this. We’ve been doing our best to clear the old carbon~based templates and embody the new crystalline templates to fully embody our birthright as Christed beings.

Eons ago, the God Source created man in his/her image. Ah yes, we are God beings, whole, complete and Self-generating, just like God. But we were never replications of God, nor are we children of God….WE are God also.

There are those who speak of Oneness. Oh such confusion this word creates for us. Many think we have fallen from grace and need to earn our way back into Oneness. But in reality we are much more than our origins.

The creation of man is a precious Masterpiece meant to expand and experience infinite potentials. Man is a crystal with a multitude of facets. With each mastery we add another unique facet that sparkles in union with the Light. We all originate from the One, but there is no “going back” to that Oneness. There is an infinite expansion of the Oneness.

Duality has served us well and now it has drawn to a close as we awaken to a more expanded awareness. Through separation we have been given the opportunity to fine-tune and polish each of our facets. Look how brightly you are shining… all the colors…all the musical vibrations you are emitting. Oh how glorious you have become in the amalgamation of your personal Oneness!!! And therein lies your Sovereignty.

A Sovereign being is whole and complete, no longer dependent on anything outside themselves for their Well-being. They generate their own energy, no longer in need of anything to feed upon, no longer in need of another person to complete themselves. No longer buffeted around by external energies, ascension symptoms disappear. No longer in need of super foods or supplements. Eating becomes a joy, a celebration of living rather than the sustenance for the physical body.  A Sovereign being reverses the aging process because there is no  longer any diminishment, only fulfillment as a fully Christed being.

The New Earth is Sovereign based. Fifth dimensional beings do not participate in victim mentality. They are not concerned with saving others because they understand that we’re each on our own journey. The angels never swooped in to save you. They offered guidance when called upon, but they are not your saviors.  They live as Sovereign beings. Use their example to create a new way of being on the planet.

So let’s get down to basics.
How do I become a Self-generating Sovereign being?

You choose Love based living rather than duality based living. Duality based living is a finite limited linear system…energy in, energy out. If there’s not enough incoming energy, the body becomes depleted. Love based living is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent  with an infinite, ever-expanding flow of energy.

The new crystalline templates are already in place. A simple way to make this shift is to sit quietly in meditation, or go for a walk in nature. See your heart as a crystalline challis. Allow your heart to generate a flow of Love that eventually fills the challis until it overflows into your whole body bathing all your minute cells. At first it may feel like a trickle, becoming a lazy stream and then flooding into rivers of Love. The more often you do this, the more quickly your body will shift from utilizing external energy to utilizing your Love energy from within.

Eventually you become so exquisitely full you think you’ll explode with Love. And you do. That, my Beloveds, is the Big Bang!!! The explosion that originally birthed you into being. And now, as a Sovereign being, you are Self-generating, creating a New Earth and capable of birthing Universes as One with All That Is.

~message from my inner wisdom~

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Transformational Dreaming


Over the past few weeks I’ve had a series of dreams with a common thread. They all drew me into events from my past. During the dreams I was always the neutral observer able to see the event from a higher perspective. And then in the midst of the dream I jumped in, choose differently, and rewrote the “story”. After all, that’s all they ever were to begin with, stories written upon imaginary books of the mind. And by penning them deferentially…. voila!  Instant transformation with ease and grace!

As the week progressed I wondered why I kept being pulled back into my past, but I was determined to follow this thread because I felt the importance of it. Finally, after a couple of weeks, I had a dream that broke through ALL my unconscious barriers. Locked in a room with a predatory man, I pushed through my immobilizing fears, sat up, looked him in the eye and shouted, “NO!”. That’s all it took. It was no longer his game. His power dissolved like an ice cube melting to the floor.

When I awoke I felt like shackles (that I never knew were there) had fallen away from me…. personally, for women, for humanity…through all lifetimes. Another glass ceiling broken!!! Governments, corporations, nor patriarchy have any power, unless I give it to them. In that moment I realized… I AM Free. I AM Sovereign.

We’ve all been speaking about these concepts, but concepts aren’t realized and embodied until we experience them. However, the brain doesn’t know the difference between a dream, a vision or an awake experience. It’s the mind’s interpretation of it that creates the story. Therefore, with this style of conscious dreaming we can transform unconscious parts of our life with ease and grace, free of our mind’s interference.

I know dreams are powerful, but it wasn’t until I “experienced” this dream that I understood how powerful. 

Some dreams are so transformational it behooves you to consciously sit with them for as long as it takes to embody the reality of the experience. And then, my beloveds, it’s written in your cellular memory, rather than mind’s imaginary book of stories.

Transformational Dreaming….What a splendid gift!!
You may want to give it a try…..

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~