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“It is the best of times and the worst of times.” Because humanity is rooted in duality, these words from Charles Dickens continue to recycle and ring true. I believe this time in history is even more challenging than Charles Dickens experienced. Why? Because time has been speeding up. Instead of our process being spread across hundreds of years, it’s all coming to the surface simultaneously in the here and now.

As for the best of times, there are far more humans who are awakened, enlightened, and conscious than ever before. As for the worst of times, the majority of humanity is suffering and more challenged than ever as they attempt to hang onto and defend their old programing, rather than open to what is very quickly evolving.

When I scan my facebook newsfeed, I see this split in humanity very clearly. Even those who call themselves Lightworkers are struggling and seduced into the fray, especially those who are newly awakened.

I have very deep compassion for all of humanity during these times of turmoil. As someone who has already gone through the Awakening process I ask myself, “What can I do to help? How can I best assist without jumping into the frying pan? For as Albert Einstein said, “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

As I was pondering the current state of humanity, I recall how difficult it was for me to step away from the programing and status quo I had been living all my life. For me it required a drastic step in 1999, when I left everything and everyone behind to move to Spain from the US. Moving to a foreign country, culture, and language (which I did not speak), without knowing anyone forced me to depend upon my own sovereign self and open to new potentials, unlike those to which I had grown accustomed. Although the Journey of Awakening was challenging, I will always be grateful for all the support I received along the way.

Looking back on it, I realize I am now in a position to support others by sharing my personal story which holds the grace, compassion, and guidance to soothe and support the journey for others. I offer an invitation to join me on this adventure of awakening to the realizations of Love that continue to carry me through life from an ever evolving level of expanded consciousness; from a new level of thinking, as Einstein refers to it.

Although I have experienced every step of this journey of awakening, if you’ve heard the call, it’s also your journey. Indeed, how we experience this journey will differ, for each of our soul paths are unique. But perhaps my experiences will stir something deep within you and support you to follow that yearning. Are you willing to dive into the depth of your heart with me to discover the juicy passion and divinity of your authentic Self? If so, jump into the passenger seat of my little red convertible as together we traverse the breathtaking vistas of Spain and southern France to discover the mystery of Love, our true Authentic Self, and the reality of miracles that will continue to evolve.

I feel as though the year 2020 is inviting us to embark on a new adventure of awakening with an unprecedented expansion of consciousness. This time: no airplane, no baggage. Instead, it is my “point of consciousness” that is evolving with an abundance of new potentials revealing themselves to me in every new moment.
I will always be grateful for all the guidance and support I have received along the way. And, I am even more grateful that I now trust my own Inner Wisdom that continues to spur me forward. That, my Beloveds in my wish for you!

Therefore, I invite you to join me on this adventure of awakening by reading my memoir, “Revelations of Love” which is available in paperback and ebook HERE. I promise you, your newly awakened revelations will continue long after you close the last pages of the book.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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Our Legs of Divinity

Wow!!! What a journey of transition we’ve been on! Now here we are being carried forward on our final legs. And I mean that literally.

Our first awareness of this journey was a SPIRITUAL Awakening. Something in our hearts began tugging at us. The old ways of religion no longer felt fulfilling to us. Our Souls felt confined and limited. We knew there was something more. So we we began to search. Perhaps other religions, gurus, books, workshops, spiritual groups….

Then our MENTAL bodies kicked in with it’s incessant chatter, “…..but it’s always been this way, you can’t change things…. blah, blah, blah.” So we initiated meditation to clear our minds of the chatter and the old beliefs that were never ours. Replacing them with mantras, affirmations, vision boards……

By now we’d gone deeply enough that the cauldron was stirred and the dregs of EMOTION were rising to the top. All of humanity across across the world began to revolt with waves of fear, anger, victimhood, suppression, grief, sadness…..

This final leg of the journey requires us to take action. It’s time to honor and become the care-takers of our amazing PHYSICAL BODY. It’s never been about leaving the body to float out into the cosmos. Anyone can do that. We do it all the time in our dream state. We came here to Consciously emBODY our Spirit, as God in physical form, in total well-BEing.

God is pure Love. Anything that is not of Divine Love needs to be transcended. The only thing holding us back are the antiquated belief programs of our human mind. Once we totally plug into the Universal mind, we become BODIES of LIGHT walking around in these extraordinary physical bodies with arms and legs to enjoy a multi-dimensional, multi-sensual planet that we created eons ago.

THIS is the New Earth that we’ve been talking about for so long. It’s no longer a dream. We see it on the horizon, we’re experiencing blips of it. But it requires taking action in a wHoly integrated physical BODY of CONSCIOUSNESS in order to become a full time resident.

BRAVO to us, my BeLoveds. Our dream has been made manifest and we are walking toward it fearlessly on our Legs of Divinity!!!

Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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More about the LightBody:
The integration of our LightBody has been one of the most exciting things I have experienced in my lifetime. I have chosen to be fully conscious with my own LightBody integration from both a spiritual and medical aspect as a licensed physical therapist. If you’d like to know more about my perspective of the LightBody I invite you to visit the LightBody Category of my blog and subscribe to stay abreast of my updates.