You May Think this is Crazy, but . . .


We’ve all had surreal or magical experiences at one time or another, what other’s might call “strange” or “crazy”. They may have been something simple like thinking we know a person we’ve never met before. Or it could be something as expansive as a near-death experience. They may have happened in our childhood or anywhere along the way. They may appear in lucid dreams, while walking in the forest, during an accident, emotional trauma, while driving your car, or walking down the street. 

The experience itself is not the utmost importance. How we choose to interact with the experience is what’s important. Whether we ignore it, or realize it as an important part of our soul’s journey. 

Most of the time, we keep the craziest of the crazy experiences to ourselves, for fear of being judged by others. We think there is some protocol for reality by the collective. And to some degree that is true. However, per my experience, humanity’s consciousness is expanding and there are many who are hungry to hear these experiences to validate their own secreted stories to set them free.  

All of these experiences are our Soul’s guideposts along our journey. As such, sharing them with others may validate or inspire them to be more open to acknowledge their own guideposts and create a new reality and lifestyle for themselves.

Indeed, there are some very raw and sacred experiences that we choose to savor and keep to ourselves so as not to sully them. Or, we may wait until just the right moment that spontaneously presents itself to share with a few bosom intimates, as per our inner guidance.  

Most of the things we deem crazy aren’t nearly as crazy as they first appeared once we bring them out into the light of day and share them. The more we share, the more grounded and real these experiences become for us and for those around us. Until one day, the surreal becomes our reality and we no longer fear being judged because we stand in integrity with our Soul’s journey rather than the collective consciousness. And then, the stories begin to flow like honey for the Soul rather than crazy mind chatter.

When you decide to begin sharing your stories, and I hope you do because humanity needs to hear them in order to expand the consciousness, make wise Soul choices with whom and when to share. At first, you may feel like a fledging and share with a select few. Eventually, you will become embolden and sovereign enough to stand in your truth and share, without regard to what others may think or say. 

I have been seeing a lot of friends inching their way toward sharing their treasured experiences. That excites me because it gives us a whole new foundation from which to play together. Reality as we know it is simply an agreement between enough people to call it real. When we give up our need for the approval of others, EVERYTHING becomes real to us. We become like children again, living in total wonderment open to ever-expanding possibilities. 

Per my experience, I have one suggestion to make should you choose to share your stories. This is your story, your experience, and your Soul Wisdom.  It is no less or more important than anyone else’s for each of us has our own unique Soul path and wisdom to share. When you choose to share it, OWN IT. Stand in the truth of it. 

Don’t sully it by beginning with, “You may think this is crazy, but. . .” That only sets the stage for judgment and doubt. Rather, speak it as your truth without concern for what others may think. How they receive it is up to them. But by setting them up for “crazy talk”, that’s exactly what it becomes, fearful crazy-making rather than your truth laced with pearls of wisdom. 

I’ve been seeing some of the most sacred experiences being set up and shared as “crazy talk” and that saddens me. There is nothing crazy about Soul experiences. They are sacred and meant to be honored and shared when called upon. When you respect and honor your self, others will respond appropriately.

So, from my heart to yours, I implore you, become comfortable with embodying your surreal experiences. Claim your own sovereignty and inner knowing. Then, when it feels right, share them as the truth and wisdom of Who You Are
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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The Reality of Surreality

The brain is an amazing vehicle. And I call it a vehicle for a reason… because it can take you where ever you desire, any time you desire. It is a timeless transporter if you have the key to the ignition.

Last evening I walked out to the hot tub and was disappointed that it had been turned down and was not going to supply the comforting warmth I was anticipating. Rather than get upset, or wait for the temperature to rise, I sat down, curled my feet under me and remembered a time from my past.

My prior experience was at sunset on a glorious spring evening. The Cascade Mountains were still cloaked in white blankets of snow, reflecting the soft pink rays of the sun. The Puget Sound rippled with shades of indigo, lavender, and hot pink glowing in the duskiness of the evening. Serenades of birdsong lifted my spirit. And the fragrance of the early spring blossoms wafted through the air. I stepped into the warm hot tub and gently slipped into water. No jets, no bubbles, just the quiet serenity of the evening. I allowed my head to ease back into the warmth of the water and lift my body to float effortlessly on the surface. I watched as the glow of the vibrantly colored sky faded from fuchsia to electric blue, to midnight ebony. One by one, stars popped into the sky creating a magical pathway to fairyland. With my body floating in the water’s embrace, I allowed myself to drift into the sky, into the land of the faeries, into the nothingness of the Universe……and float in this moment of peace and harmony with All That Is.

As I sat in remembrance, I savored this prior time spent in the hot tub, experiencing every detail of minutia. A single moment of eternal bliss thrumming in every cell of my physical body. And in this moment, I felt just as much joy and pleasure as the original experience.

We have the ability to pull any memory from our mind and relive it, just as I did with this exquisite hot tub experience. This moment in time was equally real and surreal. My brain didn’t know the difference and neither did my body. I lived it’s totally again months later.

So what’s the Key to the ignition of our Timeless Transporter?

Here’s the secret….
When you breeze through life without being fully present, the feelings and details don’t register into your experience. Thus, how can you possibly tap into past feelings and experiences you’ve never fully logged into? But when you’re totally present in the moment, sensually aware of all the details…what does the air feel like on your skin, the variations of the colors of the sky, the subtlety of sounds, fragrance of the air…it’s logged into your brain like a multidimensional movie, always available upon demand.

Now, let’s bump our experience up to the next level. Why not do the same thing with your dreams!! When you awaken, record all the feelings and details without engaging your mind.

The brain does not know the difference between real (as in having lived it) and surreal (as in having dreamed it). Your mind places it on a scale of judgement…..but your Spirit knows its ALL Real.

All you need do is turn the key in the ignition of the Timeless Transporter and travel to where ever you desire, when ever you desire. There are no limits… you are omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. Now is all there is.

My BeLoved Friends,
Your Surreality has just become your Reality.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

Artwork by Josephine Wall