The Joy of Death

Art by Jan Burgess

While rooting around looking for something in one of my desk drawers, I came across a folder of accumulated notes. I don’t remember what I was looking for. It was the result of the looking that struck my fancy.

I opened the folder and began shuffling through the bits and pieces of paper. Some were paper clipped together, others were stuck in there haphazardly, without any specific order. The more I read, the more I realized they were notes from my past life.

I say past life because nothing I read pertained to life as I am now living. Most were spiritual notes, affirmations or bits of journaling. There were a few sketchy business plans. And the notes from a teleconference I had taken. This folder held the notes of where I’ve come from, my past life while still living in this physical body.

A huge grin spread across my face with the realization that I am no longer living a life that needs lists, notes, affirmations and business plans. That was my past life. In my current life I am living in the moment. I Am the creator of this life rather than the victim of it. In this life I am no longer a spiritual seeker, for I am aligned with Source. In this life I trust my Inner Guidance without the need to search for opinions from others. In this life I am a Sovereign being making heart choices free of any perceived obligations. In this life I realize energy is in service to me, I am no longer attempting to control it or direct it, I can simply choose it.

I didn’t need to read every piece of paper, for I knew there was nothing of value in this folder anymore. Instead I created a small fire pit with some kindling out in my garden. One by one I fed the bits and pieces from that lifetime into the fire. Once the last spark was gone I covered it with dirt and returned it to the earth. From earth you are born, to earth you return.

I then went back inside and opened my clothes closet. There hung the costumes of a persona that no longer exists. These were all bagged up and carried out to the charity shop. A bathroom drawer with makeup that hasn’t been touched in years all cleared out, thrown into the trash. Last of all I returned to my desk and filled the trash can with old files that belonged to she who has passed on. She who knows who She is without the need for diplomas, certificates, records and validation.

Death can be a sweet thing when we realize it doesn’t really exist. We do not die, we simply transform, evolve and continue to expand our consciousness. How many past lives have I already lived in this one? Too many to count. The difference is that I was never conscious of dying to the old and transforming into the new. This time I Am fully conscious of putting a past life to rest with ease and grace. The best part about this was that none of this was on my “to do” list. I did not angst over clearing out my closet or my desk drawers. When it was time I simply stepped out of one life into another and released the old manifestations thereof. There was no struggle. There was no mourning. It was an act of Joy!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”
gratitude to the artist Jan Burgess

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Letting go of “Letting go”


My facebook newsfeed is rampant with posts advising us to go into the mysterious darkness and “let go” of all those and shadows that have been lurking in our subconscious.

This emphasis on “letting go” has been going on for a long time now, as we’re letting go of the old and opening to the new. Any transition requires this of us, whether it be a transition from one home to another, one relationship to another, one job to another, or one state of consciousness to another. This is happening personally and collectively. Humanity is in the midst of one of the biggest transitions of all time as is demonstrated by the collapse of the old establishment. Thus there is a lot to let go of.

However I feel like we’re caught in a bit of a stutter here… let go… let go… let go… let go…. let go. . . . . .

Based on what I’ve been seeing in my facebook newsfeed there is so much emphasis on digging deeply into the darkness of our emotional wounds and shadow selves that it feels like we were getting stuck in a cycle of forever looking for what’s wrong with us rather than seeing ourselves as Divinely perfect, thus foregoing the Joy of living in the here and now.

I am not suggesting that we don’t let go of things, for that is the natural flow of life in order to grow and expand. It is important to release the emotional baggage which holds us back, but continually focusing on the psychological games of the mind only stagnates our lives. There was a time when the vibration of this planet was thick and dense. It took a lot of work to dive deeply into our unconsciousness to heal our old wounds and confront our shadow selves.

As the vibration of the planet rises, our unconsciousness is naturally rising to the surface without the need to go digging so deeply. Thankfully, this has become a much more organic process. What’s required of us now is to disengage from all the distractions, remain fully conscious, and allow these old energies to move up and out without engaging. I don’t live my life constantly digging into my past looking for things to heal or let go of, as so many spiritual teachings are suggesting. Instead I flow with ease and grace, allowing everything to naturally release in the moment as it makes itself known. In this way energy is in constant creative flow.

Birthing is an inside job. And thus it is for all Master Creators. Our desires arise from within and are nurtured within the mysterious darkness of the womb drawing everything it needs to manifest. The Black Madonna is the sacred womb of all creation, the darkness from which all things are born, simultaneously filled with Love and Light illuminating our hidden desires and releasing that which no longer serves us.

Dear Beloveds, go within, allow your secret desires to become illuminated via the Light of the Black Madonna. Surrender to her fertile womb of creation. Let go of the arduous work of “letting go” and allow it to resolve organically. See what happens when you refocus your attention to the seeds of desire that are sprouting within you rather than the arduous work of continuing to dig into that which has now become compost. Trust the process to allow your boldest dreams and desires to fully manifest with ease and grace.

WE are Master Creators. We are here to birth the new and we can’t do that when all of our focus is on letting go of the past. Isn’t it time to look forward, let go of “letting go”, transcend the old, rise above and finally, finally, finally move beyond it to birth something new!!!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

~ Note:
If what I’ve written here resonates with you and you’re ready for the next step, I suggest you read the successive article I’ve written called “Distilling our Human Experiences into Soul Wisdom” . Since writing this article “Letting go of Letting Go” I realize it was the groundwork and precursor for what I am experiencing today. Everything I write is in the moment. As I grow and expand, so does my awareness. It is not meant to be written in stone, nor bound in a text. It is simply my personal Soul’s journey being shared for those who may resonate with it. We each have our own Soul journey, our own perceptions, and our own distilled wisdom while experiencing life in our own personal ways. May your heart always be open to hear the voice of your Soul.

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Who is responsible for the violence in Paris?

Paris, Martin Luther
Who is responsible for the violence in Paris?

WE are!! Those of us who have awakened to something better in life, no longer willing to continue sludging around in a world that no longer serves us.

WE are!! Those of us who are no longer intimidated by the darkness that surrounds us.

WE are!! Those of us who are shining our Love and Light.

I know this is a radical answer, but it’s the answer my Inner Being shared with me and I’d like to share it with you. Because I think it’s important to acknowledge ourselves for the part we are playing.

Paris is known as the City of Light, the City of Love. Through this tragedy it is our collective Love and Light that is rising as a new dawn on a new horizon. It is our Amazing LIGHT that is stirring up the darkness to be released. This is the natural flow of the Universe. The LIGHT reveals the darkness….. and with our LOVE it is transformed.

When you shine your light into the darkness, you have to be willing to hold the space of Love for that darkness to transform. Allow me to repeat that for it is the only way the darkness can transform. When you shine your Light into the darkness, you have to be willing to hold the space of Love for that darkness to transform. Fighting against it will only strengthen it. Running away from it will only allow it to catch up with you later. But when you embrace it in Love, it WILL transform.

Stirring up angst about who perpetrated the violence only adds to their agenda. Whoever they are, whether it be the terrorists, or a cabal conspiracy. Does it really matter? ? Digging into the nitty gritty of their agendas of violence only strengthens their agenda and creates more separation, more violence, more anger. When we rise above it and come together in LOVE for ALL, we are offering HEALING for those who perpetrate violence. Those who need our LOVE and HEALING more then ever!!!!

LOVE, pure and simple. You don’t need to separate or direct LOVE to specific people or groups based on judgment and blame. LOVE, pure and simple. Therein lies the Peace we are seeking, the Peace that passeth all understanding. For how can we possibly understand a heart that is so broken, so rooted in hate, so in need of healing. We can not understand, but we can Love. The purity of Peace is within US when we RISE ABOVE all this quibbling. It is up to us to LOVE, pure and simple.

Take a deep breath of Divine LOVE. Can you feel the depth of PEACE that arises when you do that? It’s not about becoming spiritually adept enough to be lofty in our attitudes, it’s about continuing to practice pure LOVE in all of its aspects in whatever way you are able, one breath at a time. This is the core of PEACE, for ALL of us. This is how we create a World of Love and Peace.

Therefore, I say BRAVO to all of US who are responsible. Those of us who are shinning our Love and Light. Those who are “able to respond” with LOVE. For YOU are the transformers. You are “response-able” for the New World that is birthing all around us. Continue to flood the planet with your LOVE and LIGHT. Continue to embrace ALL of humanity. For it is our LOVE that is transforming the world.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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Laying down the body with Grace

Robin Dreams

Humans have maligned death to the point that we fear the most beautiful transformation the human being will ever experience. We’ve incarnated on this planet to experience life in physicality. It is a sacred gift. But like any gift, once we’ve fully interacted with all of it’s aspects and are whole and complete, we have the choice to lay it down and expand into something more. Life is eternally expanding and so are we.

Most humans fear death because they fear the unknown. And yet, isn’t all of life unknown. Even when we manipulate life and attempt to control it, the outcome is still unknown. This fear of death baffles me because it is the one and only thing that I do know. I know that death is the alchemical transition that frees us from our physical constraints to recognize all of who we are. Death isn’t the final chapter of the story. It is the prologue to another volume of the Soul.

Ancient Egyptians believed that real life began after death, as do many other ancient traditions. They spent their whole lives preparing for the afterlife which they considered to be more real than this one. The Tibetans speak about dying consciously. Indigenous people often walked off into the forest and laid their bodies down when they felt complete with this physical life and were prompted to move into a another realm.

Modern day humanity calls this suicide. Not only have they labeled it, they have vilified. And religion has condemned this spiritual choice as an evil act. Again, this baffles me. For the God I know, only knows love and accepts us with open arms. Life in physicality is all about expanding our experience. Each experience is sacred, whether it be life or death. God does not judge. It is only the judgment of humanity that creates antipathy.

As a sovereign being, we have the choice to lay the body down with grace whenever we choose. Death does not require suffering and disease. That is an old human concept that we, as enlightened humans have outgrown. We recognize that this body is a gift that can be laid to rest at anytime we choose. Our soul’s journey is our own, not to be forsaken by the dictates of anyone else.

Once we realize that life and death are not separate, peace ensues for all of us, especially for those remaining in physicality. No one is left behind, as believed by so many who are prone to grieve and suffer. We are able to be equally present with our loved ones, albeit in a different form. For some, this frees them of the human foibles and allows a more open and loving relationship that may have felt impossible here on earth.

As Enlightened humans, we realize that we embody God and what has often been referred to as the afterlife can be celebrated here on earth. Knowing this, we can live in physicality as long as we choose, or as short as we choose. And the best part…we have the opportunity to create and celebrate Heaven right here, right now.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~
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* This post was inspired by the passing of Robin Williams. BeLoved Brother, thank you for lightening our lives in so many ways. Yesterday before I heard of your passing I posted this comment, “Does anyone else feel like they’re breathing Faerie Glitter instead of the stale air of the old earth?” I know you are breathing that glitter and we look forward to celebrating and playing with you in your new role in the expanded realms.

5D in Action


Like many of us, I’ve been asking, “What does 5D look like?”
So I sat down and visioned into it. Here are a few of the clues that excite me.

From our current perspective, 5D is often illusive. That’s because it’s fluid, non-linear, and non-permanent.

In the world we live in, things are solid. We’re accustomed to having to work hard to create things that are permanent and always there when we return to them. Life requires effort, builds upon itself, but degenerates slowly over time. Everything is logical, labeled and in its appropriate box, including our persona. We feel the need to explain everything. We manipulate energy and attempt to do the same with life.

Imagine a world where you are a Master Creator…. a world created via thought without effort or manipulation. Imagine a world where your well-being is an organic state of being. Imagine a world where your creation is unique and perfectly suited to you. Imagine a world that’s present as long as it serves you and then dissolves of its own accord when you remove your focus from it. Imagine a world that flows with ease and grace, free of manipulation, with an infinite abundance that you can tap into whenever you choose.

That world is present, here and now!
A new relationship with your mind is what’s required to fully engage. Your mind is accustomed to running the show based on past experiences, both personal and the collective consciousness. I suggest you invite your mind to co-create with you, in service to You, rather then the mind as the master. With a little (or big) shift from the antiquated beliefs of the collective consciousness, to the sovereignty of your inner knowing, creation becomes a whole new revelation.

If this feels like too big of a leap for you, here are a few steps you can take in that direction:

What if you celebrate your uniqueness rather than attempting to fit in? Poof! 5D in action.

What if you give up the need to know and trust in the intelligence of life? Poof! 5D in action.

What if you begin to “listen”, really listen, and respond in the moment, rather than react from the past to manipulate your future? Poof! 5D in action.

What if you stop efforting and enjoy life as it presents itself? Poof! 5D in action.

What if you remove the things from your current environment that no longer serve? Poof! 5D in action.

What if you honor that your body knows well-being as it’s innate state of being? Poof! 5D in action.

You get my drift. You can take the leap. Or you can take small steps away from the old constraints into the expansiveness of a whole new paradigm. One way is no better than the other. That’s another aspect of 5D… whatever you choose, it’s ALL Good!!!

5D is no longer illusive… it’s not your future… it’s here and now. It’s all about choice. Perhaps you’d like to join me. I am 5D in action.

If you’d like to play with me, you can follow me on facebook @

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

Artwork by Josephine Wall

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Transformational Dreaming


Over the past few weeks I’ve had a series of dreams with a common thread. They all drew me into events from my past. During the dreams I was always the neutral observer able to see the event from a higher perspective. And then in the midst of the dream I jumped in, choose differently, and rewrote the “story”. After all, that’s all they ever were to begin with, stories written upon imaginary books of the mind. And by penning them deferentially…. voila!  Instant transformation with ease and grace!

As the week progressed I wondered why I kept being pulled back into my past, but I was determined to follow this thread because I felt the importance of it. Finally, after a couple of weeks, I had a dream that broke through ALL my unconscious barriers. Locked in a room with a predatory man, I pushed through my immobilizing fears, sat up, looked him in the eye and shouted, “NO!”. That’s all it took. It was no longer his game. His power dissolved like an ice cube melting to the floor.

When I awoke I felt like shackles (that I never knew were there) had fallen away from me…. personally, for women, for humanity…through all lifetimes. Another glass ceiling broken!!! Governments, corporations, nor patriarchy have any power, unless I give it to them. In that moment I realized… I AM Free. I AM Sovereign.

We’ve all been speaking about these concepts, but concepts aren’t realized and embodied until we experience them. However, the brain doesn’t know the difference between a dream, a vision or an awake experience. It’s the mind’s interpretation of it that creates the story. Therefore, with this style of conscious dreaming we can transform unconscious parts of our life with ease and grace, free of our mind’s interference.

I know dreams are powerful, but it wasn’t until I “experienced” this dream that I understood how powerful. 

Some dreams are so transformational it behooves you to consciously sit with them for as long as it takes to embody the reality of the experience. And then, my beloveds, it’s written in your cellular memory, rather than mind’s imaginary book of stories.

Transformational Dreaming….What a splendid gift!!
You may want to give it a try…..

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

Transfomation with Comet LoveJoy

Anyone else feeling like their tail has just been burned off?

When Comet LoveJoy came into the sun’s energy field yesterday, December 15th, scientists fully expected it to disintegrate. But instead, when it kissed the sun, its astounding Love and Joy dissolved the baggage of its trailing tail and it now shines like a diamond blazing across the sky.

That’s us folks! We’re the microcosm of the macrocosm. When we entered the 11-11 portal, Love flushed out our entangled time worn emotions and mercury retrograde gathered them all together. Since then, we’ve been carrying them in our wake. How many of us have been feeling this recent heaviness, eh? With the blink of an eye, in the Light from the sun, we’ve just burned off our long held tails of baggage. We are FREE, blazing our Love and Joy as brilliant diamonds across the Universe. Turn around, take a look, the baggage is gone!! (unless you’ve chosen to hang on a little to tightly) What a way to blaze into 2012!!!

Add there’s a bonus gift!! The sun is now in the galactic center, streaming nonstop Universal Wisdom. If your receptors are clear and tuned in, you realize that the volume has been turned up and the music has taken on new harmonics which the brain is busy trying to interpret. So, tune IN and tune UP!

Need a nap to rebalance? No doubt, I do!!!! But before I slip under my goose down duvet, I’ll add a little harp lullaby to the new harmonics wafting toward the planet. Rest well my BeLoveds. Time for some rest and rejuvenation. Ah….

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

~ If you’d like to know more about the comet, you can find it here:

“Sungrazing Comet Lovejoy has confounded the experts and survived its close encounter with the sun.  Last night, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded amazing movies of the comet entering and exiting the sun’s atmosphere. Comet Lovejoy’s scorched remnant is now receding from the sun in full view of the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory.  Visit for the latest movies and discussion.”