The Game of Duality


It is said . . .
“There is no light without shadow.”
“There is no good without bad.”
“Suffering is a natural part of life.”
“You can not know light without darkness.”

Unless. . .
The sun is directly above you. . . where you cast no shadow.
You are experiencing all that life has to offer . . . without the need to judge.
You flow with the natural unfoldment of life. . . instead of trying to control it.
You are radiating light from within you. . . which dispels any darkness.

I have come to realize that duality is a game humans play.
A game we’ve been taught by those who have never realized they’ve been confined within duality. A game with rules perpetrated by religion and government to control the masses. A game most humans have never been courageous enough to break free, to explore beyond the “rules” of duality.

As children, we are born free of the beliefs and bonds of duality. For the first few years of my life I recall living in my own delightful world of magic. Until rule by rule, I was eventually imprisoned by the game of duality and the magic of life disappeared.

But times have changed. By remembering the truth of who I AM, my Inner-Knowing has surfaced once again. And it doesn’t coincide with what I’ve been taught by my parents, teachers, society, religion, or mass consciousness.

Those of us who are awakening from the hypnosis of duality that we’ve been living most of our lives have begun questioning everything. It begins with things that are no longer working for us: health issues from the stress of overwork, depression from living a heart impoverished life, relationship breakups, loss of jobs, homes, and the snuffed out spark of life.

As I look around I realize our newest generation isn’t buying into the old games of duality. They see no need to rebel against it. They are simply creating life from a sea of infinite potentials, free of the old indoctrination and the old bonds of society. Whereas our generation has had to summon the courage to break free, they were never imprisoned to begin with.

Even the new age moment is still caught up in the game of duality, as demonstrated by the quotes streaming through my facebook newsfeed. Quotes like the sentences at the top of this page. Quotes of separation and divisiveness from the Inner-Knowing of our GodSelf.

These are the beliefs that imprison us from living our full potential. Beliefs that hold the magic of life at bay. Beliefs that rob us from manifesting our dreams. Beliefs that are nothing more than the illusion of duality, a game we’ve been playing for far too long.

I hereby offer you the card to “Break out of Prison”, pass by GO, collect your infinite $$$ and dump the Monopoly game board into the trash along with all your long held dualistic beliefs.

High Ho! High Ho!
Magic is enlivened once again and your infinite reality awaits!!!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice”

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Transcending History

Art by Holly Sierra

Humanity is awakening from its slumber with the desire for change, the passion for transformation and the fire of alchemy. We’ve all been releasing the past and collapsing timelines like crazy over this past year. It feels like the ballon of all that humanity has been holding onto from the past is simply being deflated because the current energies will no longer support it.

For thousands of years, we have allowed those outside of us to dictate what is truth. The truth and mis-truths are now beginning to surface. For eons of time, “His-story” has been written in our textbooks and declared as truth. Whereas “Her-story” has been hidden and disregarded. She’s been walking behind the veils, hidden in mystery. But today’s world calls for a re-balancing that requires the revelations of truth with the unification and full participation of both the masculine and the feminine.

Humanity has come to the point in which we are asking: What is the Truth?
I venture to say, the truth doesn’t reside in the “story”, his-tory, her-story, or the media’s story for they are only stories. I dare say we’ve all had experiences where our families or friends gather, many stories are shared and years later the same event will have sprung into many different versions of the same “story”, depending on the storyteller. None are right nor wrong. They are simply different perceptions based on how each of us are experiencing life, just as we are all different aspects of the same Infinite Source. Therefore the stories will differ according to the storyteller.

The ancient ones told wonderful stories. We are all entertained and drawn in by a good story. So they often spoke in parables. What better way to hold our attention long enough to open our hearts to allow more Love to flow into our being.

These stories, these parables, are not sacred Truth to be interpreted as the law of the land with concrete rules of judgment and persecution. Those are the laws of man. These poignant stories were meant to introduce us to the laws of the Universe. These parables, when heard with an open heart, can stimulate the human mind to expand our consciousness to see and hear with the Divine Mind of which we are all a part. When we let go of the “story”, with an open heart and mind, the essence of the Infinite Source has a place to enter our awareness and our consciousness expands.

It is important that we know the truth. But since we are in constant growth and expansion, the truth is also in constant expansion. Do not judge or regret what has been obscured, for nothing is ever lost. By opening to that which is now being revealed and transcending the old with love and compassion, we can allow it to simply dissolve of its own accord. We need not place blame upon those who have written or decreed otherwise. Nor do we do not need to initiate new wars to bring it to justice. That is simply a waste of our precious time and energy. Instead, why not release that which no longer serves and create anew.

All the Wisdom and Truth we will ever need lies within us. Seek and ye shall find. Be still and awaken to the truth. As such, we each stand in the sovereign truth of our own Divinity.

Have the courage to be all that you are and to always live a life inspired by Love.
No one of us is more or less important than another. Together, we can walk with the purity of heart as exemplars and allow others to recognize that within them self.

This can all be done with ease and grace, free of the drama of duality’s highs and lows when we’re flowing in harmony with Source and surrendered to our heart’s desires. I’m feeling huge gratitude for all the revelations of truth. And I’m reveling in the freedom of transcending our antiquated history.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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gratitude to the  artist Holly Sierra

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Transcending the Fear of Truth and Transparency


After decades of allowing the media to infiltrate and shape our lives according to the aspirations of those in power to manipulate society, humanity is finally rising up and demanding the “truth”. Everyone is up in arms about who done us wrong.

What we fail to realize is that revelation and disclosure effect all of us, not only the bad guys. If they need to come clean, so do we. There is no “they” for we need to accept equal responsibility for sleepwalking through these manipulations and allowing these misdeeds. We need to recognize that we have willingly turned the responsibility for our lives over to others. It’s not until we relinquish our role as victims and take responsibility for our own lives that things will change, on a global and personal level.

This isn’t about exposing the supposed perpetrators and attempting to fix the old, for the old systems are no longer sustainable. This is about creating something brand new. There is a grass roots movement to create our own communities, grow our own food and buy local. All these things will facilitate creating a more sustainable society. But it goes much deeper than that. You can’t create anew without dismantling the old foundations that are no longer serving us. And that begins within each of us individually being in integrity with the truth of our soul selves.

In answer to the call for change, we are all being stripped down naked. Everything hidden is surfacing seeking sacred release. Our unconsciousness is being revealed and denials exposed. This is a time of disclosure and transparency. As a result we’re feeling emotionally vulnerable, like the underbelly of the crab that’s been exposed. We fear rejection by those we love, which seduces us to return to the familiar to maintain our illusory comfortable hiding places.

But we cannot shout for change without being prepared to step out of our comfort zone, without coming out of the sleep induced cave where all the shadows dwell. We need to get brutally honest to feel all the anger, shame, blame, frustration, disappointment, heartache and pain that’s yearning for the loving warmth, compassion and light of the sun. Once we take those first steps into the sun’s delight, the shadows disappear revealing the truth that they were never real to begin with. These shadows were only a construct of the mind in an effort to protect us. As a result they have walled us off from the most basic energy of life. . . Love.

Anything without a substantial foundation based in Love is peeling away like surface paint that gave it a fancy patina. That which no longer serves has lost its ability to sustain. We are dying to the old. Death of the old can be painful if one hangs on with a fingernail grip. Resistance holds no advantage for death will have its way with you as the winds of change dismantle and blow away all that has died of its own accord, unencumbered by your unsubstantial efforting.

If instead, one looks deeper you will find a foundation that has always been sustainable, a foundation that will never falter. Striped of the antiquated acquired layers, what remains is your purest divine essence as the expression of your GodSelf that is always transitioning, always birthing anew.

Once you transcend your fear of transparency, you are seen for who you truly are with all your perfectly acceptable foibles. Bare it all, be vulnerable, be courageously honest. When you become clear and authentic with your self there is nothing to fear. You become free of the emotional cage that held you captive. You are free . . . free to live . . . free to create . . . free to love . . . Free to BE . . . FREE forevermore.

Now that you are free, how do you create a new world?
Having transcended the fear of truth and transparency, you are free to express all that is within your heart, and the collective will reflect that. Your deepest desires and intentions will be impressed upon the universe to become reality. By expressing the magnificent beautiful naked YOU radiating your new found joy, a New Earth founded in trust and transparency will be birthed anew for all of humanity.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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Facts are Facts, Unless They’re Not


What are facts?
And whose facts are they?
What we consider to be facts are simply someone else’s published opinion or assessment. In these days of the internet that’s become a squirrelly proposition because anyone can write words on a page and publish them. A snippet of the whole can be take it out of context and called a fact. And since the advent of photoshop, even photos aren’t confirmation of the truth anymore.

So where do we find the truth?
No matter how many facts you accumulate, there is no truth to be found in facts because there will always be one more fact to be considered. That’s the way of a universe that’s in constant expansion. Today’s facts will always be superseded by tomorrow’s revelations. It used to be a fact that the world was flat. Facts are facts, until there’re not. So in reality, there is only one truth. That is your own Inner Truth.

How do you know what’s true?
How can you trust your Inner Truth?

By reflecting on how you feel. Unless you’re at peace about something, it’s not in alignment with Who You Are. That’s your unfailing truth meter. If you’re riled up about something it’s because you’re barking up the wrong tree, usually someone else’s tree. And if you’re attacking someone else’s opinion, attempting to convince them you are right, it’s your own perception of rightness you are attempting to defend.

I’m all for open discussions. Discussions that are rooted in listening rather than defending. When we listen with an open heart, we are open to hearing. When we’re busy defending, armed with an arsenal of facts, all of our attention is on what we need to say next, rather than absorbing or considering what another has to say. Therefore, neither party is able to hear anything and it becomes in internal self centered dialogue in the gerbil wheel of the mind.

I have to ask, what are we so afraid of that we need to have everyone agree with us and think the way we do? Are we so disconnected and untrustworthy of ourselves that we’re searching for acknowledgement from others?

It doesn’t matter how many others acknowledge and agree with you. Until you acknowledge Who You Are, you will never be at peace, always looking for others to acknowledge you. When in reality, you are the only one that can acknowledge yourself.

Thus, being at peace with your Self provides you with the ability to listen with an open mind, engaging when it’s appropriate or walking away when it’s not. Your Inner Truth never needs defending because it’s in alignment with Who You Are and you’re able to honor the Inner Truth of others allowing you to connect heart to heart.

These are all questions I asked of myself when I was blindsided by several people this last week during the disruptive energies of these two eclipses. Each time I choose to walk away. Each time my mind tried to argue that I was being a coward. Each time my heart was at peace because I did not choose to argue. Why would I do anything to disrupt my internal peace?

Peace is something everyone hungers for. We’re all tired of war and we desire peace. But peace is not an outside battle. It’s an inside battle of the mind. Therein lies the oxymoron. It’s time to lay down the (s)words of the mind and listen to and with the heart? Therein lies the peace that passeth understanding. It has taken many years of practice to find this peace within myself, knowing when to speak up and when to walk away.

So I thank those who blindsided me this past week. They facilitated these questions in my quest for truth, in my quest for peace. What I’ve come to realize is….. Facts are facts, unless they’re not.

The song “The Gambler” by Kenny Rodgers comes to mind. “You gotta know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, know when to run.” As one who is willing to gamble with the fullness of life, the way I know how to respond is when my heart is at peace. That’s a fact!!!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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Don’t Allow your ego to Derail You


We are living in extraordinary times!! Never in the history of humanity have we moved through so many different “thought forms” so quickly. Some might call them beliefs, but I can’t quite give them that much credence.

Many of them have been foundational. For example, we once believed the earth was flat and we’d sail right off the other end of it. We also believed that the sun revolved around the earth. We now know differently because they have been scientifically disproven. So overtime, mankind has been able to dispel those thought forms and replace them with new ones.

But what if we had gotten stuck in those beliefs, like we have on a spiritual level with so many other “thought forms” that haven’t been proven, nor dis-proven  scientifically?

The New Age has really expanded our perceptions of what is real and what is not. But it’s still perception. We each live by our own truth. And I can not give that a capital “T” because a capital “Truth” is all inclusive and we are still living in separation.

I am not implying that we need to become exactly the same, but nor can we declare that our truth is the only truth. I say that individually and with broad religious strokes as well. I’m not writing this to debunk religion or your beliefs. I’m writing this to guide you into your heart’s truth and stop allowing someone else to lay down the tracks for your life.

That’s what belief systems do, they lay down tracks and expect you to ride their rails. But jumping the track isn’t always easy. It means venturing out on a path of your own making. And it can be lonely at times. That is if you believe that you ARE alone. That in itself is a belief that encapsulates you.

What if you aren’t alone? What if there are others awaiting you further down the path just around the curve where you can’t yet see? What if they’ve already laid out a Sumptuous Feast to welcome you and celebrate your freedom?

You see, that’s how it works here on planet earth. In order to walk into the New, you’ve got to jump the tracks and break away from the crowd whom you’ve depended upon to meet your every need. You’ve got to become a Sovereign being who is able to generate your own energy and create your own path. And then, as you round the bend, strong in who you know yourself to be, you walk into a whole New family of Sovereign beings of Love awaiting you with a sumptuous feast of welcome.

That moment on the train when you’re deciding whether to jump the rails or not is one of the most difficult decisions you’ll make. You might even make the jump and then change your mind waiting by the track for the next train to come along so you can jump aboard. And that’s okay too, ride the train until you’re totally prepared and ready.

You see, once you make the jump, you’ve left duality behind. There is no right or wrong. There is no hurry because there is no time. And if you don’t feel prepared, there will always be another train chugging along and you can jump aboard and ride further down the rails for a bit. There is no judgment here.

I faced this decision just last night. The day before, I had leaped off the rails and was standing in no man’s land, feeling really great about my decision. And then I read someone’s post on facebook that totally debunked my decision. This post was by someone I respect, so I had to give the post some amount of credence. Mind you, this was their post, not a comment on one of mine, so they had no idea they had effected me in such a way. But it was just enough to make me question my decision.

I did what I always do when I’m caught in indecision. I went into my heart and asked for Divine Wisdom. Then I went to bed. My dreams were restless all night long. But the message in my early morning dream was so clear. I had no doubt. My ego placed that post on facebook so I would question my decision. My ego was trying to derail me from my new, somewhat fragile, decision.

But you know what. I turned my back on those old rails. It’s amazing how one piece of information can unravel all the “stories” you’ve considered to be your truth. Beware of that which you call truth. The only real Truth, with a capital “T”, is Love. When your path is paved with Love, you debunk the illusory stories to create anew.

I turned my back on the rails and walked down the path as a Sovereign being, around the corner and….. I think you already know what I found there. I ran into the arms of my family of Sovereign beings of Love awaiting me with hugs and a sumptuous feast of welcome.

So my message to you is this: Don’t allow your ego to derail the Sovereign Being you know yourself to be. Make a conscious choice to walk your own path. Your Family of Love awaits you.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

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Note: If you don’t understand what a Sovereign being is, you may want to read my prior post “A Sovereign Being is Self Generating”.