Woman with an “O”

Have you ever noticed that Wo-man is spelled with an “O” ~ A beautiful, flowing, curvaceous, luscious, organismic “O”

If you’ve managed to miss that detail, it’s because advertising has taken the “O” out of woman with skinny, angular bodies on magazine covers, strutting down the runways, on billboards and tv. Worse than that. . . WE have all bought into it with a frenzy for women to be thinner, thinner and yet thinner. Constant diets, workouts, and beauty regimes take up a huge chunk of a woman’s time, energy and money; not to mention the health hazards of anorexia and bulimia that we’ve inflicted upon our adolescent women.

After looking at this photo of Lizzie Miller from Glamour Magazine at  http://feelgoodstyle.com/2011/12/05/lizzie-miller/  we’ve had a wake up call!  Today’s woman is ready to be Wo-man, a natural glorious Wo-man.

In my younger days, I was hooked into the dream of being model thin. But as I matured, I began to see myself as a beautiful Goddess with all the Renaissance curves of Venus. Nature is a series of curves and flow. Even the earth, herself, is round. So why are we so intent on angulizing women when her natural beauty lies in her curves, her beautiful luscious curves.

Eat healthy, workout, enhance your skin with nutrients. But do it for your health, not to fit the mold. It’s your unique essence that radiates your beauty. There is nothing outside yourself that can do that if you don’t first nurture your inner self. That’s where the hearth of beauty lies for men and women.

So, my dear Beloveds, it’s time to reclaim the “O” in Wo-man and be the WOW-man that you know yourself to be.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard~


artwork: Awakening of Venus by Charles Joseph Natoire

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