2012 …. the YEAR of ALCHEMY

Happy Solstice ~ Happy New Year!!!!

After an evening of peaceful ceremony, I did my annual Winter Solstice reading for the upcoming year. Sitting in meditation surrounded by a plethora of candles, I always dip into the depth of the womb of darkness to harvest the Wisdom of Sophia.

This year’s Winter Solstice reading brought a delicious smile to my face. Whereas last year’s reading was filled with major arcana, denoting extreme changes, this year was far more gentle. I like to draw upon multiple traditions with my readings and then weave them together with my own internal wisdom. The decks I “play” with include: Native American Sacred Path, Medicine Woman Inner Guidance, Fairies Oracle, Goddess Guidance Oracle, and Angel Cards. So as you can see I’m far from traditional!!!!!

Last year, the Love that flooded the planet stirred the pot. All the dross rose to the top, personally and for our collective humanity. There is much unrest in our world as it’s all bubbling in its Alchemical cauldron. In the ancient tradition of Alchemy, the Alchemist is not able to produce Gold until he or she has been spiritually purified. Only then will the Gold begin to glitter. Well my BeLoveds, over this past year our emotional bodies have been unraveling. We’ve been purifying, and purifying, and purifying. Alas, as the Sacred Alchemists, we are ready to begin the process of manifesting the Gold!!! That’s the year I see before us!

I know it’s a mess out there, and if we continue to buy into fear, it could be a messy year. But if instead, we choose to manifest that Gold, this is the time to do it. Everything has been broken loose, which means there is an abundance of potent energy just awaiting for our direction. It’s no longer business as usual with everything stuck in it’s old structures. There’s free energy floating around saying, “Hey look at me, I’m here for YOU. What’re you going to do with me?” Are you going to try to fix it by forcing it back into place? Or are you willing to be the Adventurer and find new ways to play with this free flowing Sacred energy?

I don’t know what the world will look like for any of us by the end of 2012. And for me, that’s exciting!!!!! It is OUR Responsibly to see beyond the old world of victim“hood” and shake our tresses free to step into the Power of our Oneness. We’ve been prepared to move forward in leaps and bounds beyond anything we’ve ever experienced before. WE hold that magic wand in OUR hands. What I see is a year of Alchemy, a year of Miracles.

Here’s a brief sharing of what I ascertained in my reading, brief because I prefer to give you a few key words to inspire you to dive deeply into your own inner wisdom. That is, after all, what an alchemist does. So you may as well begin that practice now, on the first day of the New Year of Alchemy.

The primary words that came up for me were: Love, Gratitude, Joy, Nurturance, Creativity, Adventure, Expectancy, Prosperity, and Miracles. The Eagle has come forward to give us the bigger picture, to see the Golden Light within the mundane world, and to focus with clarity on that which we desire. The Dolphins are teaching us how to joyfully flow with Life and be more Playful. Mother Mary opens our hearts to the Journey of Love to experience Miracles in our everyday lives and the Goddess Hathor instills us with Beauty and Harmony. We, the Rainbow Tribes will be weaving together in Unity as Soul Families, seeing beyond our old limitations, to share in new opportunities beyond our wildest imagination in infinite JOY.

WooHoo!!! I have never enjoyed such a wonderfully AUSPICIOUS Reading. ~ 2012, the “Year of Alchemy” is ushering in Love, Joy, Creativity and Miracles filled with Adventure and New Opportunities. Continue to follow your *in*tuition and Allow a new life of possibilities to unfold for to YOU! We are the Alchemists of the New Golden Era. What a fabulous time to be alive.

Welcome to the Year of Alchemy!!!!
I present you with your Magic Wand and wish you many Divine Blissings¸¸.☆¨¯♥´

In Love, Joy and Gratitude,
Sharon Lyn Shepard ~ http://www.sharonlynshepard.com

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14 thoughts on “2012 …. the YEAR of ALCHEMY

  1. and many divine Blissings to you as well dear Sharon. Oh what a magical year we are ushering in! love, love, love.


  2. Yes Joss, I knew it felt good, but until I tapped into the energy with this reading, I had no idea HOW MAGICAL. So fun to be creating Magic with you my dear Sister. A big hug of Love and Joy to you!!!!! ~Sharon


  3. Hi Sharon,
    We ‘met’ through Sus. I have admired you from afar. Loved your words today. Have been writing and corresponding w/a circle of women since noon today! Alchemy has come up. I used to feel hopeful about our future. No more! I now feel CERTAIN about our future. Don’t pretend to know what it looks like, but I know the ingredients it’s being made with…those you listed:
    Love, Joy,Gratitude, Creativity, etc. I have long said I do not have blind faith. I believe in miracles because I have SEEN miracles. They are abounding all around us. Indeed, what glorious times we live in. Happy Soltice my goddess friend. Susan Jones, KS (Where Dorothy hailed from before she met Glenda, the beautiful witch you have pictured here 🙂 )


  4. Aloha Sharon!

    I loved your post and your reading for 2012! I feel the same way you feel! 2012 is the year of new possibilities and new opportunities. Alchemy indeed as the old ways disappear into a world where “win-win” is the only way.

    Thank you for your wonderful sharing with us! I really appreciate your post.

    Much love & aloha,
    Kellie 🙂


  5. Happy New Year Sharon,

    Thanks so very much for sharing your delicious reading. The alchemical pot is indeed transformative, and I feel joyful and adventurous as the great shift continues. It’s exciting to see how competition and power “over” is being replaced by collaboration, and harmony.

    Sending you Good Vibrations


  6. Dear Susan….from KS ;~D
    Your words warm my heart. Yes, we met through Sus, but I recognize you as one of the joyful goddesses who interacts on my Sacred fb space.

    Like you, I feel CERTAIN about the future of humanity and the planet living in Love, Joy and Harmony. I always have!!! Even when there was no reason to believe it, there has been something within me that knows this as our Truth. Now we are seeing those seeds evolve into full blown Miracles. WE are birthing the Divine Human… What Joy!!!!

    Wishing you a Blessed Solstice and a Glorious New Year sweet Sister Goddess!!! Love, Sharon


  7. Dear Kellie,
    Love your words “a world where “win-win” is the only way.” We’ve been awaiting this for a long time and here we are in the midst of creating it!!
    Aloha, indeed!!!!

    Sweet Blissings to you Dear One,


  8. Dear Gina-Diane,
    Wow, your words “”competition and power “over” is being replaced by collaboration, and harmony”” resonate so perfectly with Kellie’s “a world where “win-win” is the only way.” It’s what so many of us have been craving and it IS happening! What an exciting way to being 2012!!!!

    I’m so grateful that you’re in the Adventure with me.
    Love and Joy, Sharon


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  10. Word Up……….I keep getting these crazy rushes of energy through my body like 20 times a day and I keep crying with happiness it’s got more intense towards the end of the year….I haven’t lived my Life like an angel and I’m not religious, I’m 30 years old an Aquarius the last year my whole out look on life changed might sound weird but I feel like i’ve been chosen to help steer the world and human kind towards it’s awakening,,,Things and people keep coming into my life and It all feels so right…I have some venues and put on event’s in London I want to organise something to pull as many people together as possible to start helping this change…….This is the first reading of yours I’ve read and I was looking for something else but was attracted to your page I’d like you to be involved in whatever this thing is going to be…….???

    Peace & Love



  11. poreofthemachine

    I’m on a similar track! I’ve seen one NECESITY for Alchemy on this year. please check it out!


  12. Charlie,
    I was so delighted to read your comment! It has most certainly been a year of change and awakening. Nothing you have written sounds weird. These energies have been intensifying as a way to support even more change. 2012 is going to take us in directions we can’t even imagine as of yet. I love your enthusiasm!!!

    Bless you for wanting to make a difference in the world,
    Love and JOY,


  13. I needed to thank you for this wonderful read!
    ! I certainly enjoyed every little bit of it. I’ve got you saved as a favorite to look at new things you post…


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