Living within our Chosen Apps

Technology has taken the forefront in so many areas of our lives. It’s amazing how much of our lives revolve around the the devices we carry around in our pockets through the apps we’ve downloaded onto these devices. We are able to communicate with others via voice, email and social media, keep appointments via reminders from our calendar, shop online, read books, stream music and videos, manage our finances, navigate with insta maps, play virtual reality games, and so much more! All of this is managed through itybbtty icons of apps!

I am a prolific dreamer, but it’s rare that I dream about technology so this bout of Dreamtime lingered with me into my present day life. . . .

“This dream began with me sorting a new harvest of apples into two different boxes. Once the sorting was complete, I met with a longtime friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen in a very long time. We decided to take a walk around the lovely lake in the neighborhood. She spoke with satisfaction about how happy she is with the life she has created for herself.

While she was speaking, I had a vision of pockets of her life arranged like apps on an iPad which she tapped into for certain activities of her life. After awhile we found a bench and sat together quietly, each in our own thoughts. During this time my own apps came into view for me. I realized the apps of my life were very different from hers, although they had been much the same during the time we had spent together in years past. In that moment, I knew I was complete with this current life and it was time for me to walk away with complete satisfaction in a life well lived, ready to move onto a new life.

I realized that had been the purpose of sorting through this new harvest of apples. (Eve in the Garden of Eden?) All the apples equally delicious, just two different boxes, with two different purposes. One was my old life, the other is the new. Once we returned from our walk, I gifted my friend with one of the boxes of apples as a departure gift, knowing I would never see her again. I gave her a hug and wished her well, knowing our life together was complete. All was in divine order and I was free to go with my new box of apples.”

As I was awakening in the morning, drifting in that space between dreamtime and being fully awake, I had a vision of my multitude of apps. There were those I’ve deleted and those I am living now. I became aware of how content and complete I am with my current life. . . . and. . . . it is time for me to create a new cluster of multi-dimensional apps for myself. I realized, THIS is what I have been doing in the past few months amidst my dreamtime whenever I’ve been “pulled out” of my current consciousness during my numerous naps. All of this is happening in my dreamtime because my human mind can not conceive of the new life I am creating. Nor does my new reality have any relevance to the life I have been living. Thus, it is time to cultivate a whole new set of apps.

I awoke feeling so at peace, knowing I have already made this shift. My life may not look much different on the outside. But I feel totally different on the inside. Sovereign, free, and at peace. At peace with the life that is complete and at peace with a life that has yet to present its form. THIS transformation is what I have come here to experience and I can not do so as long as I am engaged with my prior life.

There is nothing from my preceding life nor other’s experiences that can give me the satisfaction that living multi-dimensionally as an embodied Lightbody does. And, whenever I choose to experience any of the sensual enjoyment from my past, all I need do is envision myself in that timeline without the cumbersome need to physically move my body through the motions. What a delicious gift!

I also realize if there are any new apps I choose to add in my life, those potentials will effortlessly come to me. There is no need for me to go looking for more, for I have everything I need right here, right now. I simply need to relax and allow my human mind the time it needs to catch up and integrate this transmutation with divine timing.

More importantly, I had visions of clusters of apps representing other people’s life choices, much as I did with my dear friend in my dreamtime. Just as I do not judge what apps others have chosen for their own devices, nor is it my place to judge how they choose to live their lives within their chosen apps. For we are all sovereign beings, each on our own unique soul path, here for the fully embodied experience of life.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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