Living in Grace

Gratitude by Melina del Mar

We are living in unprecedented times. There has never been more talk among the common people about Ascension and Awakening to our Divinity. The New Age movement has exploded and multiple avenues of awareness have splintered off into avenues of there own. There are multiple teachings and ways of expanding our consciousness.

The soul has always had a thirst for garnering more experience to know itself more fully. With each incarnation, it expands its consciousness and adds to its library of wisdom via our human experiences. It does not judge these experiences. It simply delights in the experience and distills the wisdom as consciousness expands.

There has never been a dark night of the soul. There have only ever been the dark nights of the human. Why is that? Because the human, who has lived lifetimes of duality, judges and maintains a library of these judgements. The human has become so embroiled in this library that it “thinks”, “This is who I am.” Eventually the human becomes so dissonant with its soul that it gets lost in its dark night of the human in order to go deeply enough into itself to remember its connection to the Divine.

Little by little, the human begins remembering its true relationship with the Divine. Not the religious relationship that has been taught to us over eons of time, depicting us as “less than” the Divine. But the realization that we ARE Divine.

Thus begins the process of awakening to who we truly are and unraveling that which we “thought” we were. It’s time to go into the library of the mind and begin tossing out the dusty old volumes of mental advice that’s always prevalent.

This isn’t an unconscious act. It requires focus and full awareness on the part of the human. It takes commitment and diligence. Meanwhile, our Divinity continues to love and support us through this process.

Humans have been attempting this process ever since we’ve moved through the veil of forgetfulness. The Egyptians practiced it via physical and spiritual initiations in the temples. The Druids practiced it via their magic within the cycles of nature. The Tibetan monks practice it via their meditation and piety. The Maya practice it with their ceremony and rituals. Groups of Aborigines still hold this wisdom and practice it within their tribes.

But the average human walking the streets has no concept of their Divinity, much less how to connect with it. Once we do connect with our Divine, there are no Mystery schools available to us as we had in ancient times. We’re out in the world, on our own.

One might ask: How have we gotten so lost? Indeed, we have gotten lost. But I have to ask another question: Is there a purpose to this madness? Because there is no such thing as a lost soul. There are only lost humans.

I have come to the conclusion that in present day, we are meant to be going through this process on our own because we are realizing our Sovereignty. Many say this is a group ascension. Perhaps that is so, in so far as, many of us are going through this process. But in realty, it is an individual and sovereign experience. For we each have our own unique libraries of the mind that are surfacing during our Awakening.

We are each going through our own process of unraveling eons of memories, thoughts, and beliefs. And, we’re attempting to do it all in one lifetime!!! This is overwhelming to the human mind. It has no basis for this process which kicks it back into protective mode, making it even more challenging.

In the wee hours of the morning as I was coming out of dreamtime I was attempting to “let go” of some the old stories that had surfaced, but all I got was more resistance. I then switched to consciously “allowing” the process, but that only made it worse. That’s when the Madonna swooped in and informed me those are masculine attempts of control and manipulation, rooted in the mind. She reminded me that GRACE is what is called for. That was when everything began to shift, as if she had waved a magic wand. I settled back into dreamtime and awoke with a lighter heart and a sweet smile on my face.

“Ease and Grace” have been my mantra ever since I can remember. I think I wrote it across my heart before I incarnated so I wouldn’t forget. Even as a child I recall my confusion as adults were working so hard and suffering to gain God’s approval and society’s approval by proxy. Of course, like so many of us, I got caught up in that collective consciousness. But somehow, I always came back to Grace.

That morning as I was consciously experiencing Grace, I wondered. . . Just what is Grace? With that mere thought, I realized it’s something I can not put into words. For it is beyond words, beyond the mind, and attempting to define it dissolves it.

Grace is a sensory experience beyond words, beyond the mind. Which is why it works like magic bypassing the mind and aligning me with my Divinity. I can not define Grace, but I realize the effect of Grace. When I sense into Grace I always feel a flow of the Divine. And this is how I choose to live my life, in the flow of the Divine.

I’m no longer working on “letting go” of old traumas, habits, or beliefs. That feels like the antiquated way of resolving things. It feels like way too much work when there is a much easier way. Instead, I choose to Live in Grace.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
Artwork: Gratitude by Melina del Mar

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7 thoughts on “Living in Grace

  1. My dear friend Ben Naga pointed me in the direction of this piece and I am so glad to have found it. The entire time I was reading it I was feeling a thrill of pure peaceful energy positively sending chills throughout my being. Finally, the awareness is upon us. Finally, we are beginning to see. That there is no difference between YOU and ME. So no matter the side of the glass upon which you reflect, always what will be seen is the TRUTH to be.

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    • Dear Alura,
      Your words are poetry to my ears and a song to my heart. Thank you for taking the time to share them. Many Blessings as we sip from the glass of Love and Grace ❤

      Liked by 2 people

      • Thank you, I’m so glad the music that was inspired within me as I took in your words was translated in the words I shared back with you. I love your choice of sipping from the cup of Love and Grace, HE and SHE that has always been the ALL of all that matters to ONE and ALL. I’m sorry, I’m starting to speak in the mysteries that are connected to the story I’m trying to share in my Where’s Alice? line of words to explain the mysteries being revealed to me. I love the wonder of the universe that further inspires my own truths based on the present moment truths of your being. Truly this universe we find ourselves is beyond words to describe and even more to witness.

        Thank you so much for being you in the here and now that enabled the we that we know ourselves to be.

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  2. I forgot to mention why sipping from the cup is special to me. For it is the awakening of the happy marriage of Love and Grace who have been waiting for eternities for the Perfect Moment to finally happen. And I can’t tell you whether the truth of that moment has come upon us yet but I can definitely say that the light of the way that is leading towards that moment is shining for all to take into themselves. I just can’t wait to see where I am when I finally realize the Perfect Moment has come.

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    • Ahhh, the Mysteries beyond words, reveling with them in the here and now, no longer wafting in the mists beyond our consciousness. . . and the Bliss of new discoveries ❤

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      • New discoveries are wonderful. I feel like a Bride whose veil has been lifted, removing the blurriness to the Third Eye upon which all is there to witness. There is so much joy and euphoria to find in the moment that is Now. I can’t imagine a better time to be alive. We are so fortunate to have found ourselves to be awakening as we are. And what a beautiful awakening it has been!

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  3. Ahhhh, Sofia,
    Grace experienced in so many different ways, so many different moments, all here for the sensory enjoyment of them. ❤ Thank you for sharing these special "moments" with me. ❤


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